Democrats like’s freaking out about trump’s Scooter Libby pardon, but what does it mean


Democrats are kind of freaking out about Trump’s Scooter Libby pardon and what it means

Although they can’t stop it, house Democrats are doing what they can draw trump the President pardon Scooter Libby as “contempt for the rule of law” — against the backdrop of fears that the President can only use the pardon power to protect the people close to him who are studied with the help of Robert Muller Russia the investigation.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi thought the message was clear trump to pardon Libby, former assistant Vice-President dick Cheney, who was convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice and perjury in connection with the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame identity.

To pardon Libby comes at the same time, Federal investigators are pressuring Michael Cohen, one of trump’s entourage, and argues that American lawyers have tried to offer a pardon to his former campaign chair Paul Manafort, who is accused Mueller probe. Pelosi seems to be connecting these points.

If You can’t remember who Scooter Libby is and why you need it I’m sorry for Jennifer Williams VOX has you covered:


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