What is TheFlix

What is TheFlix
What is TheFlix

Modern people simply suffer from a lack of time, so there is little time for leisure. But what to do if you want to go out, for example, to go to the cinema, but you are constantly busy? There is a solution, of course: to connect to an online cinema, where you can watch all the news movies without leaving home and without distracting from home affairs. Recently a new cool service has appeared which is much more interesting than the Analog Netflix – TheFlix.to, where you can watch the most famous novelties of the cinema. 

The new service is not inferior in any way to the most popular online movie theaters and even has some advantages in comparison with them. Due to these benefits, TheFlix is becoming more and more popular every day and attracts the attention of even the most devoted Netflix fans.

About service

Using the modern TheFlix service, you have the opportunity to watch movies online simply by registering on the site. In addition to watching films and TV shows, you can attract new subscribers, and you will get rewards for that. Now you have an opportunity to earn BITCOIN from the online movie theater. All you have to do is register by entering just your name and email address. When sending the link to a friend, make sure he also has BITCOIN, then his account will be permanently linked to yours. 


This service is something similar to Cheep Netflix, but with much more features. After registering, you can watch movies online by paying a minimum monthly subscription. You can protect your connection to the service by spending only $1.99. This is the cost of a VPN, so you will be regularly connected to the service. You can choose a more expensive protection, which is $10 per month if you wish.


TheFlix is a great way to watch online series and movies as well as improve your financial situation. The user-friendly interface of the site allows you to quickly find the movie you want and run it without ads in a few minutes. Many different genres are available for your convenience:

  • action and adventure;
  • crime;
  • comedy;
  • animation;
  • documentary;
  • news;
  • drama;
  • science fiction.

Any movie fan can find something he likes here. Now you do not need to waste money on the way to the theater and buy a ticket, because you can spend time in front of the screen with a movie novelty right at home in the circle of close friends. And if you are fond of popular classics or TV series, don’t worry – you can find not only new releases, but also the most proven films from different years in the film library of the service.

TheFlix is the coolest service with a wide range of movies for every taste. Great quality, amazing sound… What else do you need for the great weekend evening? Install TheFlix, get your hands on plenty of popcorn and choose the latest movies and TV shows to have a great time. Enjoy the movie!

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