Posters in the interior

Thanks to original images and high quality printing, modern and vintage posters are a great way to decorate walls.

Posters in the interior

Posters are art objects that are often used as a wall decor element in interiors. Choosing them instead of paintings, prints or photographs, you can show the work of leading graphic designers of the last century or modern times. Posters create a special mood in the interior and are able to evoke memories – of a pleasant holiday, an interesting exhibition or concert. Bold colors in an interior often play the role of a key element, so using posters is an easy way to introduce a color accent to a design project. In addition, posters (even large format) are much more affordable than many works of fine art. Whether you’re a fan of vintage or modern style, these original wall decor ideas are sure to be a source of inspiration for you.

Theme Room

What better way to decorate a movie-themed room than with movie posters? This kind of decor option breaks up a long wall. Framed with the same frames and white matting, the collection of posters becomes a single decorative element, despite the different images and compositions.

Add color…

This poster continues the theme of cinema and acts as an accent in a tranquil black and white interior. The contrast of the curved lines on the poster with the clear horizontal and vertical contours of the rest of the space has a great effect.

Notice how the white frame blurs the boundaries between the wall and the poster, allowing you to focus on the image itself.

…Or accentuate the theme with color combinations

Although each of these posters is gorgeous and unique in its own way, as a group they make an even greater impact. They feature similar colors from the decorator’s palette (shades that are in adjacent segments of the color wheel), so they blend together harmoniously. The images also feature the same orange hue from the opposite color segment – this creates a contrasting effect, and an overall visually appealing image.

Place the posters at a small distance from each other, so that the group looks like a single element of the decor.

In support of style

A trendy poster brings an extra touch of glamour to this living room space along with the luxurious textures of the furniture upholstery and carpet. A pair of table lamps on a long side table serve as a frame of sorts, and the color of the lampshades echoes the background of the poster. The general symmetry in the interior is maintained thanks to the side tables.

Their close proximity to each other helps to visually connect the side table and the poster, so that the image does not seem isolated.

A touch of luxury in this minimalist bedroom is created by a framed poster with a picture of a branded perfume – it is not hanging on the wall, but rests on the floor and is accented with the lamp light. As a result, a more relaxed and feminine atmosphere is created in the room. The finishing touch is the geometry of the black lines and the parquet “herringbone”.

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