Individual Tours to Chernobyl: See the Part of World History

Individual Tours to Chernobyl: See the Part of World History
Individual Tours to Chernobyl: See the Part of World History

Did you think about diversifying your leisure with extreme and memorable experience?

If the answer is “Yes”, you should definitely choose the private tours to Chernobyl. Only here you can plunge into the “canned” world, where time has stopped in the 1986 year. An excursion to the Exclusion Zone is what you will tell your friends about and post the pictures on Instagram. Each shot you take will be a memory, and each walk will be filled with the strongest stream of emotions that will not be erased over time.

What does the private tour include?
Safe and comfortable ferry Kiev-Chernobyl Zone-Kiev

A proven and reliable transport is used for the trip; the vehicle will not let you down on the road and allows you to get to the required destination with no unpleasant surprises. You’ll get an opportunity to enjoy Ukrainian landscapes and find out a lot of useful information during the trip itself.

Visiting really exciting and unique locations

The places can vary but the most popular are:

·         “Duga-1” object.

·         Chornobyl-2 military village.

·         External review of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and its facilities.

·         Buried underground Kopachy village.

·         Panorama and sarcophagus (Shelter Structures).

·         Kindergarten of the village.

·         The Red Forest.

Well-known Pripyat will be the final flourish, as it is a ghost town with many more unspoiled areas. You will see buildings with dusty movables, newspapers, residents’ personal belongings, and that all will definitely plunge you into the oppressiveness.

Lunch at the Nuclear Power Station dining room

The national dishes are cooked only with the help of the organic products and are not only fully safe, but also incredibly delicious.

Health insurance

You don’t have to worry about safety. Four power structures control the Chernobyl zone – the police (provides the area warding), the security of the administration (VOKhR), SSU (guards a nuclear repository), and border guards, who are separately presented, because the zone adjoins the border with Belarus. Moreover, in order to enter the Exclusion Zone, you should wear maximum closed clothing (trousers, sweater/long sleeve shirt) and closed shoes (preferably on a thick sole).

International professional guide accompaniment

The guide will tell you only the most useful and interesting information, answer your questions and tell even about some secret moments that will surely impress the guest. He accompanies the tourist during the whole trip and creates the conditions for goosebumps appearing.

1 day in a Chernobyl zone

You get an amazing opportunity to spend the whole day on a mentioned territory, see everything by yourself, touch it and become aware of everything firsthand.

Before the trip will start, the tourist has to know the following rules:

·         To participate in a tour, you must submit an application, give the information from ID (the data is required to apply for entry permit).

·         Entry into the Exclusion Zone is allowed to adult persons (18 years of age or older).

·         All the participants will be instructed to abide the radiation safety rules and they will have an informative interview on the rules of conduct in the Exclusion Zone.

·         Admittance into the Exclusion Zone is allowed to persons who do not have medical contraindications (the tourist is healthy at the time of the trip and do not have serious illnesses).

·         You should take the passport for corresponding control of the specified zone, umbrella in case of snow, rain, interchangeable comfortable clothing, shoes on a high sole, and your own personal medicaments.

You can book the tour online on an official website and choose the convenient date. Such a trip will definitely stay in your mind and heart forever.

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