How to choose christening clothes for a baby?

Baptismal clothing is necessary so that the child does not just feel comfortable, but is dressed according to certain rules and canons of religion. Baptism is a very significant moment in the life of a child, so it is important that the clothing for this day be chosen correctly and thought out in detail.

Now in some stores you can find sets of clothes specifically for this sacrament. The kits include everything you need for the baby – girl or boy – to feel most comfortable and cozy.

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How to choose christening clothes for a baby?

How to choose a christening clothes for a boy?

The first thing to remember is that the baby should feel comfortable. The basis of the outfit should be only natural and hypoallergenic materials that do not cause discomfort, itching. The baby can be dressed in a suit of satin, cotton or silk.

Also choose an outfit based on the season. In summer it could be a light cotton clothing, in winter and the demi season is better to give preference to pants and a sweater with long sleeves.

It is important to remember that during the ceremony of baptism the baby will be dipped in water, so you need to bring a towel; it can be classic or with a hood.

The traditional clothing for the baptism of boys is considered a baptismal shirt. In addition, you will need to buy:

  • a towel or diaper;
  • a booties, socks for the feet;
  • cap on his head.

Traditional costume and accessories are chosen in white, beige or cream colors, regardless of the gender of the child. Some may buy a slightly pale blue outfit for a boy.

How to choose christening clothes for a girl?

The requirements for christening clothes for a girl are the same as for boys. First of all – it is comfort (it is important that it does not constrain and constrains the movements) and natural materials. The colors that are universal for all sets are white, beige, cream, milk.

You can assemble a set for a newborn baby girl from the following items of clothing and accessories:

  • dress or bodysuit;
  • headscarf or cap on her head;
  • A towel to wrap the baby after immersion in water;
  • Socks or booties for her feet.

Many parents wonder what to do with baptismal clothing after baptism, and whether it can then be worn and used. This is an individual matter. Many say that the diaper is better dried and stored, as well as clothes.

Much depends on the practicality of the garment. For example, some people wear baptismal hats and kerchiefs, put on pinnets and socks, use towels after bathing.

However, according to Orthodox traditions, all elements of this rite are best kept and not even washed, as it is believed that after washing will be lost the unique part and their healing power.

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