Wintershall Dea Has Fulfilled Fully Obligations on Nord Stream 2 Funding – Company Head


German energy company Wintershall Dea has fully carried out its obligations on funding the Nord Stream 2 project, Wintershall Dea CEO Mario Mehren said on Wednesday.

“We have made the final payment, therefore having fulfilled our financial obligations regarding the Nord Stream 2,” Meren said at a teleconference.

The company still has no information regarding progress in the pipeline construction, he added.

The Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture of Russia’s Gazprom and five European companies. The pipeline will carry up to 1.942 trillion cubic feet of gas per year from Russia to Germany through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden.

A number of Western states, including the United States, have long been opposing the project.


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