How to prepare an inviting in-store display?

How to prepare an inviting in-store display?

Mannequins have long entered our life and are a good assistant in advertising goods and prepare an attractive showcase in the store. Their variety is amazing and especially popular are mannequins of natural height, which can be purchased from MORE Mannequins Ltd. You can order mannequins for men, women and children. But if you order a plus size mannequin, then the company will provide them in the range to suit every taste.

So, what can mannequins do, what tasks can they solve in promotion? Let’s look at their variety and the possibilities of marketing technologies:

Decorate or enliven the place of sale

It depends on the business. If it has an aesthetic character, such as a beauty parlor or a jewelry store, its decorative potential will be in demand, because a beautiful space will, without words, once again prove that beauty is very important for us. And we can be trusted in this sense.

By selling underwear, we show beautiful, almost alive, harmonious female torsos, dressed in bikinis:

Decorate or enliven the place of sale

If the business does not have a pronounced aesthetic aspect, a mannequin will bring it to life, adding a story to the setting. And/or dynamics. The person in the space feels not like an illustration in a book, but a real actor in the process. Equal to the other party.

A shoemaker “working” in a shoe store window doesn’t have to be handsome:). He should just “work”, making the shop window itself work:

the same function – to liven up the sales floor of a clothing store – is performed by this group of teenagers:

Show the process or the result of using the product

Mannequins are great in this sense. Why talk a lot of words and waste time, if you can clearly and almost instantly tell the benefits of the product (by the way, relieving the salesman).

If you sell swimwear, has it ever occurred to you to use GREAT mannequins to display them in the window?

Coffee would be much more confident and better stated by representatives of Mama Africa:

If a person buys a bathtub or a bed, he should have a good idea what and how to do with them at home:

Intrigue, surprise, and stop a person walking/running by

A win-win situation is to make a mannequin look weird! Or strange bodily forms, or strange actions.

Where, where else have you seen such ears?

HOW does he not fall? The laws of gravity are overruled:

Reduce the percentage of theft

The carried out researches proved that the presence of figures of people in the trading space creates the effect of presence and reduces the temptation of visitors to grab something without paying. Well, that’s scary – what if they catch you!

Mannequins you want to take a picture with

With this very charming and funny life-size Georgian mannequin tourists take photos with pleasure, and, by the way, buy magnets:

And this charming skeleton is also photographed in one of the English bars. But rather because of his exotic appearance. People are so attracted to the unlike them!

To bring the often asked or simply important information, unloading the seller at the same time

And indeed, why should the salesman speak when a mannequin can do the talking.

This Milos man at the Amsterdam flea market speaks very clearly about prices:

Across the stream of passers-by next to a restaurant on a London street stands a mannequin calligrapher. With the main assortment items that are quickly readable on the fly:


Scare justified. This was taken in a poisonous plant garden in England. That’s right – be careless – straight down the road. Think what you’re eating!

Ah, yes – there’s no dummy here – you say. But I’ll tell you there was. Here’s the evidence.

Humor’s as black as this box.

Unwarranted fright. Hanging babies by the neck, even with the high (literally) goal of selling children’s clothing, is not an option!

More consternation is unwarranted. Even the proximity of the Sherlock Holmes Museum does not give fellow London authors the right to saw off a minor’s head and have it smoked! Pipe!

Prompt philosophical reflection

Even if not in a commercial space, but in an urban one. In a park in Amsterdam, looking at this madman, you involuntarily try his situation on yourself. In principle, an insurance company could have put such a character on a tree next to its office. And to accompany it with an instructive inscription of the corresponding character with the general idea: “Be careful what you sit on, only if you’ve made a straw bed!

So, some types of marketing with dummies have been introduced. So apply all the possibilities and bring emotion into your process of communication with the client with the help of these humanoids!

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