Equal NATO chemical weapons and “Gazprom” prepares Ukraine hybrid war


NATO Equals Chemical Weapon and Gazprom, Prepping Ukraine for Hybrid Warfare

Deputy Secretary General of NATO called for equal control over Gazprom dominance, chemical and nuclear threats, as well as propaganda and disinformation during his meeting with the Ukrainian leadership during the Kyiv security forum.

Deputy Secretary General of NATO, rose Gottemoeller highlighted in his speech at the Kyiv security forum of Russia, which “created a fog of neither peace nor war, but the constant crisis and destabilization.”

At the meeting in the Ukrainian capital, she briefed Ministers and security officials on their key objectives to counter threats. Her key message, according to the website of NATO, “we must be more vigilant, we must be resilient to attack, and we must be ready to react.”

According to officials of NATO, Moscow is using hybrid or asymmetric methods, and stressed the need “to be prepared to answer and possibly make it asymmetrically.”

“Cyber attacks, disinformation, election interference, the use of nerve action… every day these dangers now face US, with the aim of sowing disunity and break our resolve. No one knows this better than Ukraine, which is struggling with these methods non-stop for the last four years,” said Gottemoeller.

She noted that sustainability is a must, calling a long list of threats Russia is not, from cyber-attacks of chemical weapons and its dependence on Russian “Gazprom”.

“I can’t talk more seriously approached this issue in cyberspace to protect against attacks, energy security; to power against the dominance of any one actor, such as “Gazprom”, and I’m sad to say it, CBRN response, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear. We should pay attention to the issue of CBRN sustainability these days, and I think this is also an important direction”, – said the Deputy Secretary-General drew the attention of the audience.

She assured the officials of the Kiev worries and the support of the Alliance for a better protection against hybrid and asymmetric threats. According to the press service, Gottemoeller said, patting the Ukraine for his reaction to the case Skripal in Kiev expelled 13 diplomats who, more than any European country except the UK.

Opposition To Russian Gas Dominance

At the same time, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov also said that Kiev is ready to prohibit the conduct of business in Ukraine for companies that participate in the project “Northern stream” 2.

He called engie a French company that has a “little Share” in NS 2, among its staff, which could be hit by these sanctions. According to Avakov, such companies “March of the independence of his country.”

2 Nord stream is a joint project Russian “Gazprom” together with the French company engie, Austria’s omv AG and Anglo-Dutch “Royal Dutch shell”, and Germany in Uniper and wintershall. It will deliver 55 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas per year in the EU via a pipeline under the Baltic sea to Germany, bypassing Ukraine.

A number of countries have opposed the implementation of the project, in particular Ukraine, which is the loss of income from transit of Russian gas, and the United States, which seeks to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe.

Meanwhile, Germany supported the project. In February German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “we believe that Nord stream 2 project. We also support the diversification of energy sources. We also want to see the transit of gas through Ukraine as before. But we believe that “Nord stream 2″ does not pose a threat to the diversification of supply”.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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