Woman jailed for cutting off her boss’s penis

A woman has been sentenced to seven years in prison after admitting cutting off her lover’s penis by tricking him into thinking she was going to perform a sex act on him.

The 38-year-old was handed her jail sentence after striking a last-minute deal at the start of her trial at a court in Barcelona on Tuesday.

She convinced her partner, also her boss, to cover his eyes with a napkin after promising him to give him oral sex, claiming she didn’t want him to look because it made her feel embarrassed.

She then took out a knife she had hidden into her pocket and sliced off his manhood.

The man was her boss at a bar in Sant Andreu de la Barca near Barcelona and they had been seeing each other for four years,

The amputation was complete and the victim, who comes from Bangladesh where he has a wife and children and has been identified only as Abdul, is still waiting for a prothesis.

Prosecutors believe his mistress could have acted out of jealousy because he was planning to return to his homeland.

They were demanding a 10-year prison sentence for a crime of aggravated wounding before today’s plea bargain deal.

The convicted woman, known only as Tanya, has also been ordered to pay her former boss and partner €250,000 in compensation.

She initially indicated she was pleading innocent at the start of her trial at Barcelona’s Audiencia Provincial court, before changing her mind and admitting her guilt following a brief chat with her lawyer.

The incident took place on May 31st, 2021.

The victim ran to a nearby police station to raise the alarm and was rushed to hospital for an emergency op to reattach his penis, which was unsuccessful.

The woman was subsequently arrested and initially claimed self-defence, prompting reports at the time that her boss could be detained.

Her claims she acted to protect herself during a sexual assault were dismissed, and the true story came out, thanks to CCTV camera footage.

The female attacker had already served two years behind bars as a remand prisoner before being bailed ahead of today’s scheduled trial.

The time she served will be taken into account in determining how long she has to go back to jail for.

The court heard the knife slash victim is now living with a relative and working part-time in a supermarket and surviving on a fraction of the amount he was previously earning as the owner of two bars.

Sourse: breakingnews.ie

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