Winter Storm in Alps: Avalanche Crashes Into Swiss Hotel (PHOTO)


Winter Storm in Alps: Avalanche Crashes Into Swiss Hotel (PHOTO)

The five-meter-high avalanche descended near Peak Sentis on the Schwagalp Pass as a result of heavy snowfall; the search for the missing is underway, according to Swiss German daily Tagblatt.

An avalanche hit the restaurant of the Hotel Santis in Schwagalp in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden in eastern Switzerland on Thursday, according to media reports. 

Tagblatt reported that three people sustained minor injuries as result the 300-metre wide avalanche that descended at approximately 16.30 local time. 

Around the same time, 75 people were evacuated from the Hotel Santis.

On Friday morning, the search for possible missing persons, suspended during the night, continued with 76 rescuers and two search dogs leading the rescue effort. 



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