The British foreign Secretary hosts the Anglo-German summit in Oxford


UK Foreign Secretary Hosts Anglo-German Summit in Oxford

The meeting brought together about seventy of the leading political figures of the two most important European players to discuss coordinated economic and defense policy.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson takes his German colleague Heiko Maas in the English city of Oxford at the annual summit in Sochi, which took place between the two countries since 1950. The main theme of the meeting is the need to define future relations between the European heavyweights as Britain faces up to one year to finalize the terms of its exit from the European Union.

The conference, as happens in England, was named in a German castle in the Rhineland, which was the venue of the first summit between the two countries.

Germany has long regained its economic power after World war II were generally more distant from Britain in relation to foreign and military Affairs, as a member of the EU, the majority seeks to bolster Iran’s nuclear agreement with the United Nations, the permanent members of the security Council and to refrain from creating joint military forces from England, as did France.

Britain and Germany have spent almost a century before the cold war as enemies. Since the late nineteenth century, the newly unified German Empire rapidly began to challenge the industrial supremacy of the British Empire, which until that point had been the dominant economic power in the world.

The destruction of German industry and the fatal weakening of the British Empire in the first and second world war left both countries acceptable to economic integration so that mutually support each other and other European countries, leading to the Treaty of Rome in 1957 the European coal and steal community, European economic community and, since 1992, the European Union.


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