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Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who would never come across stretch ceilings. Due to its undeniable advantages, this type of ceiling coverings has gained huge popularity. But if think a little about what is known about stretch ceilings? 5 most curious facts about the stretch ceilings will greatly expand the knowledge in this material.

Terms of fabrication

The fabric of a stretched construction is produced in record time. Usually, the whole process takes about 24 hours. And in a well-equipped production process takes only a couple of hours. This includes the process of taking measurements, TRAINING OF STRETCH CEILINGS, the development of drawings for manufacturing, as well as the installation process. As a result, it turns out that the production and manufacture of the stretch ceiling is in 2 days!

Damages? – It’s not a problem!

Stretch ceilings are not afraid of any damage caused by blunt objects. So you can not be afraid to get into the surface with a toy, or a mop. Stretch ceilings will even survive after the famous champagne caps. If not try to pierce the surface with a sharp object, it will serve its owner for many decades.

Service life from 25 years

Not many people know that each tensioned structure has a minimum life span of 25 years. And all because one of the advantages of this type of product is its durability. After all, in the manufacture of fabric used synthetic materials. Thanks to them, the tension design is very resistant to moisture, mold, shrinkage of the house of all kinds of seismic effects, and surprises that can damage the fabric coating.

Flood protection

No matter how much we would like it, and cases with apartment floods by the neighbors from above are not uncommon. In such situations stretch, ceilings will help. After all, PVC can easily withstand about 100 liters of water per 1 square meter. Besides, after the water will be drained by a master, the film can be quickly dried and installed in its original place. No damage and no trouble! But as for the fabric stretch ceiling, it will be necessary to change the coating.

High fire resistance

In contrast to a large number of similar products, tension structures has high resistance to open fire. Such designs belong to materials that are not subject to combustion, and they have a special certificate M-1 for safety to fires.

At the end, one small piece of advice. If after these facts you want to know more about stretch ceilings, or to stretch such a ceiling at home – I suggest choosing the company sofimarsel, so your ceiling will not only be incredibly practical, but also a great design solution for home!

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