WhatsApp polls: hidden functionality of the messenger

You can create a poll in different ways: in social networks, in some messengers, in Google Forms or in other platforms or services. But so far there are no polls in the most popular messenger in the world – WhatsApp. Chat2Desk https://chat2desk.com/en/ found a way to extend the functionality. Here’s how to create a free poll in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp polls: hidden functionality of the messenger
WhatsApp polls: hidden functionality of the messenger

How does it work?

There is no polling function itself in WhatsApp. That is, you can’t go into the conversation settings and click “Create a poll” like in Telegram or Viber. The main difference is that WhatsApp polls are based on the number +48 735 062 996. You can add this number to your contacts https://wa.me/48735062996. Open the dialog with this number and send the word “Create”.

After that you are to complete 4 steps.

  • Step 1: send a topic of your poll
  • Step 2: enter the number of answers
  • Step 3: send as many possible answers as you need. But no more than 10.
  • Step 4: specify if multiple choice is available

After the poll is created WhatsApp will send you a message with your question and answer variants. You should forward the message to each participant personally or to a group chat.

The second option to invite participants to a poll is to create a QR-code to the dialog and to show it on a screen.

Okay, we figured out how to create a poll. But how to vote? Well, that’s easy.

  1. Follow the link from the forwarded message

  2. Enter the number of the answer variant

The organizer will get the results after each new vote.

The poll will finish after you create a new one or send the word “End”.

Where you can use WhatsApp polls:

Corporate parties

You and your colleagues have a common chat in WhatsApp, and all questions are solved there. And so you decided to organize a corporate party. Of course you can’t come to the consensus, where to go: someone throws memes, someone swearing and arguing, and someone is silent. Arrange chaos and offer your colleagues to vote for the necessary variant.


There are contests at the corporate event. As an interactive activity, invite colleagues to vote for the best Halloween costume, the best employee, or come up with any other nomination. You can sew a link to a WhatsApp dialog with the voting into a QR code and place it on the screen so that it is easier for people to go to the chat room.


You can also get your audience’s attention at lectures and webinars. If you teach online courses or broadcast webinars, bring your audience to life. Ask who they are by profession or get their opinion on a particular subject.

Surveys on WhatsApp are free. They are based on Chat2Desk, which integrates all communication channels with the customer – WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram and other messengers and social networks. Voting in WhatsApp is useful for any place and for any purpose.

More information about WhatsApp polls you can find here https://chat2desk.com/en/polls

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