Researchers continue to work to free whale from fishing line


Researchers to keep working to free whale from fishing line

Researchers off the coast of Provincetown said on Saturday, they will try to release under the threat of extinction of North Atlantic whales from fishing line wrapped around her jaw.

The whale, dubbed “Kleenex” is great-grandmother to six cubs, which was first spotted in Cape cod Bay in 1977. Researchers and scientists have stated that they have made progress removing the gear from the whale on Thursday the National Bank marine sanctuary under his protection.

Female whales kleenex focus the right efforts for the conservation of whales, because their ability to reproduce is crucial for the survival of the species, which was reduced to not more than 450 animals.

Kleenex is a “superstar” who is the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to 5 percent of the rights of Northern populations of Atlantic whale, said Tony Lacasse, press Secretary for the New England aquarium, in a statement. Whales there were no new births in the calving season this year, making preservation of reproductive women is especially important, said Lacasse.

“For more than half a century, Kleenex defied the odds of survival and is the mainstay of the moderate recovery of China”, – said Lacasse. “Hopefully, it sheds to confuse the equipment.”

Didn’t have any tissues in an attempt to disentangle, but that is typical of efforts to save the whale, said Catherine Macort, a spokesman of the center for coastal studies in Provincetown. Macort said rescuers will continue the search for whales, as they can remove the equipment.

The whale had fishing line wrapped around her jaw for three years, the Cape cod times reported .


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