Modern problems of the cryptocurrency sphere

Despite the obvious advantages of using a cryptocurrency, such as complete anonymity, its use also has a number of quite understandable and understandable disadvantages arising from its own advantages.

The almost complete absence of a definite position regarding the cryptocurrency sphere on the part of almost all the leading countries of the world has opened up unlimited opportunities for users to use cryptocurrency for the most intricate purposes and in the most unimaginable ways. Moreover, those who had the resources and knowledge could create their own cryptocurrency, which we have seen in the past few years, when altcoins appeared almost daily. The same situation was observed in the field of infrastructure development: a lot of new cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, exchangers, etc.

Modern problems of the cryptocurrency sphere
Modern problems of the cryptocurrency sphere

Of course, all this has significantly moved the cryptocurrency forward, but this coin also has a downside. Many altcoins were nothing more than hype projects aimed at quickly enriching creators at the expense of enthusiasts. Some cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, exchangers are nothing more than cleverly disguised dexterous scammers. Yes, the institution of reputation allows you to find a reliable partner, but it is far from a panacea.

The anonymity of the cryptocurrency has made this financial instrument extremely popular. It is the anonymity and the inability of third parties to intervene in the transaction that has always been and is the reason that the cryptocurrency exists as such. But anonymity also has a dark side. The inability to trace the recipient allowed scammers of all stripes to deceive people without fear that the money would be frozen in the account and returned to the sender. Or that the recipient will be exposed and receive the punishment they deserve. It does not matter at all whether we are talking about purchasing a cryptocurrency in an exchanger or on an exchange, paying with a cryptocurrency for goods or services, or any other operation. There is always a risk of giving up your money and not getting what you promise. In the end, the complete decentralization of the cryptocurrency, as well as the lack of any opportunity to identify fraudsters, guarantees them almost complete impunity.

Is there a solution?

At first glance, the negative sides of cryptocurrency seem insoluble. If you deprive cryptocurrencies of decentralization or eliminate anonymity, cryptocurrency will cease to be what it is now. Will someone need her in this case? Most probably not.

Is there a way out of this situation? Probably yes. In any case, at least a major improvement awaits us. The answer to the problem may be the ability to track and return cryptocurrency transactions without destroying anonymity and, apparently, such an opportunity has already been created.

In 2020, a new development was presented to the general public that promises to forever change the use of cryptocurrency – Secured cloud marker CM-25. The essence of the novelty is that it allows you to track the hash rate of the blockchain, which in turn allows you to carry out a transaction return in case of something.

Unfortunately, Mahates who presented the system to the public does not reveal absolutely any technical details of the system’s operation, which, in principle, can be understood.

The very appearance of such a phenomenon as Secured cloud marker CM-25 can make significant changes in the cryptocurrency sphere. To begin with, perhaps we will see its further development or the appearance of analogues, since the return of a cryptocurrency transaction has ceased to be something fundamentally impossible.

Of course, while the response to the appearance of Secured cloud marker CM-25 is not too big. After all, only the clients of the cryptocurrency wallet Mahates can use the system, which significantly reduces the audience. Most likely, in the near future, the system will become available on other sites, but at the moment it is exclusive Mahates.

What can we expect when (if?) Secured cloud marker CM-25 gets widespread? To begin with, various kinds of scammers who appropriate foreign currency and do not give anything in return will go into the past. This, in turn, will greatly expand the use of cryptocurrency in the field of e-commerce. Now, often, cryptocurrency is used as a means of hidden payment between two acquaintances. But with the introduction of the system, it will be possible to safely settle accounts with a stranger. After all, the money can be returned if something happens.

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