How to recover crypto wallet password

How to recover crypto wallet password

Cryptocurrencies are a sought-after and popular thing that is stored in secure wallets, protected not only by blockchain technologies, but also by strong passwords that the owners themselves come up with. These passwords are also recommended to be stored in a safe place, but not everyone does this. Someone hopes that they can remember a complex combination of numbers, letters and symbols, someone simply chooses simpler combinations. And if the second approach is dangerous because such a code is easy to crack, then the first one is that it can simply be forgotten.

In case this happens, recovering crypto wallet password can be quite difficult. The main thing is to know how to do this in your system: one scheme will be required to recover the seed phrases for a bitcoin account, another for ether, and so on. But there are commonalities.

How to restore access to a cryptocurrency account

Due to the nature of the technologies used to create and store digital currencies, they can only be stored on one device. This is not true for all such wallets, but in many cases – for example, with the same bitcoin – it is. In order to pick up the right password, a certain number of attempts are given – if they are not successful, the storage will be blocked forever.

In other words, if you have lost access not to the account itself, but to the computer, phone or tablet on which it was created, it is very difficult to find an alternative. Only one person has the ability to view and conduct transactions, which the system automatically considers the owner of one IP. Therefore, in order to get it again after losing the password, you need to contact a specialized service.

How to contact recovery services

In order to receive your funds and update the forgotten password to the wallet, you will have to apply to a specialized service where they are professionally restored. For example, ReclaimYourCrypto will help you brute-force a crypto wallet to regain access to stolen or lost funds. They will also help you return:

  • password to the wallet itself;
  • to the blockchain;
  • passphrases (required in some crypto projects);
  • access to storage on a specific device.

For this, specialized technologies are used that are not always available to the average user. At the same time, you must have something more than access only to the public key – if you only have it, then it will be very difficult for you to help.

Where to go if you can no longer get into your wallet?

ReclaimYourCrypto has been restoring access to crypto wallets for over 5 years, has rich experience and many satisfied customers. Reviews can be found on the official website of the company (, as well as on specialized trust services.

Be careful and don’t lose passwords to your wallets!

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