Raheem sterling could become one of the best in the world? The verdict of the experts


Can Raheem Sterling be one of the world’s best? The pundits’ verdict

Raheem sterling was named the best player of the match for Manchester city in a 3-1 win over Tottenham at Wembley.

Sterling won the penalty for city’s second goal and scored the third himself to take his Premier League tally for the season to 17. This 23-year-old forward now has 22 goals in all competitions, which is twice as much as he has registered in any other season.

But fresh off his missed chances against “Manchester United”, which proved so costly in last weekend, sterling still managed to release some great chances.

Can Raheem Sterling be one of the world’s best? The pundits’ verdict

That’s why bold prediction Manchester city, coach PEP Guardiola then came with a caveat. “At the moment he is able to increase the number of goals he scored in the gate, he will be one of the best players in the world, because he has everything,” Guardiola told Sky Sports. “He’s A Fighter. He is so dynamic. It is so good.

“But he needs to improve. He has a lot of chances and he needs to improve his average. But he’s so young and he has the ability and he wants to do it.”

Can Raheem Sterling be one of the world’s best? The pundits’ verdict

PEP Guardiola had a prediction about Sterling in his post-match interview

So sterling I agree that he can improve? “Of course,” the player himself told Sky Sports afterwards. “The game against ISIS, I grabbed a few and not to hurry. Today, when I had a chance inside the box, I tried to take my time. I went around the goalkeeper and tried to be composed, and the defender came at the last moment”.

But what’s the verdict from the sky sports pundits? That’s how they see the season sterling as a result of his performance of “Wembley”…


“I was impressed with the fact that Raheem sterling has done this season. I don’t think he had that in his locker.

“He always criticize when he doesn’t score, and when he misses these opportunities. But I always talk about striker or winger if you are in this kind of position is always a plus. Besides, how many times he saved the city this season?

“I think that he is so well developed, and it became a very important player for Manchester city. I felt for him after the game against “Manchester United”, but as a player he became.

“But when you want to win big things, like the Champions League, these opportunities have to go into the net. That last pass he gives, Bernardo Silva on the counter, it must be a possibility that ends in a one-on-one on Bernardo Silva.

“He has the Polish that. He is a finisher, as one of the best we’ve seen in this League? I don’t know about it, but he will improve.”


“I don’t know how you get it, but he’s just got to get some peace at the right moment.

“He’s one of those players who, if one is ready and it falls on him, he will score, but not when he has a little time to think about it, for example, against the organization last week when he could put them with the score 5: 0 in the halftime.

“Because of his courage, his straightforwardness, his rhythm and his technique he gets in the right time and time again and he will get chances in every game he plays. But I don’t know how you give someone in cold blood”.


“This is his best season. There was a huge improvement. He takes the position much more often.

“He runs, not only when he plays as a Central striker, but when he plays with a large area, it is on the back post, he does those working inside the line of posts. It is not for posts, it is really where it hurts. He got into good positions and he’s got people who can tell him the most important thing.

“But it’s a step forward for next season. It should be even less of those moments where it is not until the end]. It’s just a lack of concentration.

“When you think about the progression of players he has progressed this season. He scored 22 goals. But he needs to make sure he makes less unforced errors on the counter to make himself a better player. It is the composure and concentration”.

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Can Raheem Sterling be one of the world’s best? The pundits’ verdict

Can Raheem Sterling be one of the world’s best? The pundits’ verdict

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Can Raheem Sterling be one of the world’s best? The pundits’ verdict

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