Premier League title race: Arsenal, Liverpool or Man City – who will finish top of the table?

Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City are separated by one point at the top of the Premier League table; each side has seven matches still to play, while Arsenal and Man City could meet in the Champions League semi-finals; Liverpool are bidding to win the Europa League

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Jamie Redknapp and Roy Keane discuss who are favourites for the Premier League title after Liverpool dropped points at Old Trafford, leaving Arsenal top of the table with seven games remaining

With Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City separated by just one point and having only seven matches left to play, Sky Sports’ pundits analyse “the best Premier League title race we’ve ever seen”.

The Gunners moved to the top of the table at the weekend thanks to an impressive 3-0 win at Brighton, replacing Liverpool at the summit on goal difference after Jurgen Klopp’s side fought back to claim a 2-2 draw at Manchester United.

Meanwhile, City – who are hoping to become the first side to win four successive Premier League titles – are lurking ominously, sitting just one point behind their rivals after a 4-2 win at Crystal Palace.

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Will City create history or will the trophy head elsewhere, with Klopp seeking a second league title ahead of his Liverpool exit, while Mikel Arteta is targeting his first as a manager?

Which fixtures could be pivotal in the final weeks of the season? And how will each club’s European ambitions affect their league form?

Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp and Roy Keane deliver their verdicts…

“I always think if you’re going to win a title and shift a mountain of a team like City, you’ve got to do something. On your way to a title, you’ve got to win one of these [at Man Utd]. It might be in a couple of weeks that game comes for Liverpool.

Manchester City's remaining Premier League fixtures

  • Luton (H) – Saturday April 13
  • Brighton (A) – Thursday April 25, live on Sky Sports
  • Nottingham Forest (A) – Sunday April 28, live on Sky Sports
  • Wolves (H) – Saturday May 4, live on Sky Sports
  • Fulham (A) – Saturday May 11
  • West Ham (H) – Sunday May 19
  • Tottenham (A) – TBC

“Arsenal didn’t get that goal at City and Liverpool didn’t get that goal late on having equalised here. Because of City’s perfection, you just get the feeling you might be looking back at the end of the season and thinking this is where it could be lost.

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Watch Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville’s reactions in the commentary box at Old Trafford during Man Utd 2-2 Liverpool

“In any other season, a point at Old Trafford is a great return for any team. But we’re not talking about normal times, we’re talking about Pep Guardiola and Manchester City – and that is the issue.”

‘Arsenal performances are as good as you’ll see’

“These are proper performances, not just performances whereby they’re winning games. Even the one at the Etihad was a real performance from a defensive perspective – as good as you’ll see.

“At Brighton [it] was so professional. A title-winning performance where you do your job.

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the Premier League match between Brighton and Arsenal

“[I] hope Arsenal beat Bayern Munich but I think they’ll struggle. I know Bayern are having a torrid time but I just feel Arsenal will struggle against the might, the history, going to the Allianz in the second leg.

“That may just be too much for them. Sometimes there’s a learning that has to occur in the Champions League.

Arsenal's remaining Premier League fixtures

  • Aston Villa (H) – Sunday April 14, live on Sky Sports
  • Wolves (A) – Saturday April 20, live on Sky Sports
  • Chelsea (H) – Tuesday April 23
  • Tottenham (A) – Sunday April 28, live on Sky Sports
  • Bournemouth (H) – Saturday May 4
  • Manchester United (A) – Saturday May 11
  • Everton (H) – Sunday May 19

“Arsenal may experience that in the Champions League – whether that’s good or bad for them, we don’t know yet.

“They’ve all got European football, they’ve all got things to contend with. It’s tight but City will be very happy this weekend that Liverpool have dropped two points today.”

Carragher: Liverpool need rivals to face off in Europe

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Jamie Carragher believes Liverpool are far more clinical with Diogo Jota in their side and will regret not punishing a poor Man Utd performance

“If Arsenal or Man City play as well as Liverpool did at Old Trafford, they win.

“All the teams are different. I think Man City are the best team. Defensively, we know that Arsenal are the best at the moment and Liverpool have more goals and chaos. Man City definitely have more control and so do Arsenal.

“There’s an awful long way to go. I do believe that Arsenal will drop points in a different way. They may have games where they don’t score, whereas I think Liverpool will always score goals.

Liverpool's remaining Premier League fixtures

  • Crystal Palace (H) – Sunday April 14, live on Sky Sports
  • Fulham (A) – Sunday April 21, live on Sky Sports
  • Everton (A) – Wednesday April 24, live on Sky Sports
  • West Ham (A) – Saturday April 27
  • Tottenham (H) – Sunday May 5, live on Sky Sports
  • Aston Villa (A) – Saturday May 11
  • Wolves (H) – Sunday May 19

“For Liverpool to win the league, they need Arsenal and Man City to play each other in the Champions League semi-final. They both need to get through.

“I know psychologically and physically what it’s like playing an English team in those games – it takes a lot out of you. When you’re going for a league title as well, that could help Liverpool.

“In a day or two, Liverpool will look at that league table and see they’re alongside Arsenal and still in a great position.

“We look at the Opta predictor and I’ve felt for a long time Arsenal have been undervalued. They look so strong defensively that when you’re going into a game, it gives you the belief you only need one goal.

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“Sometimes with Liverpool, there’s that feeling you need two or three. They’re more than capable of that.

“I’ve always felt Man City were the favourites, even when they were points behind. I still believe they’re the team to stop in this title race.

“I thought it was ominous [Erling] Haaland and [Kevin] De Bruyne coming back. If those two start to click, they are a level above what Arsenal and Liverpool have got in terms of going forward.”

Redknapp: North London derby is the key game

“If Liverpool could have won [at Man Utd] and won the rest of their games, they would have won the title. It’s not in your hands anymore.

“But there will be twists and turns. We’ve got the Champions League to play – they’re going to be tough games for Manchester City and Arsenal.

“The managers are going to play a big part. Pep Guardiola’s done it, Jurgen Klopp’s done it – Mikel Arteta hasn’t done it.

“But with the better goal difference, you have to make Arsenal favourites right now. They’re in good form and teams look like they can’t score against them.

“But when they go to Tottenham, that is going to be the game. If Arsenal can go there and get three points, they’ll deserve to win the title.

“This is the best Premier League title race we’ve ever seen. We’ve got three fantastic sides, great players and managers. I can even see it going to the last day – that helicopter with the trophy in the sky. Perfect.

Keane: I’d want to be in City’s dressing room

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Roy Keane believes Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp needs to win one more Premier League title before his departure to cement his legacy at Anfield and within the Premier League

“Winning league titles is meant to be difficult. You have to put everything into it and you need a bit of luck.

“I’d be more comfortable in the City dressing room. They’ve really used their squad over the last few games and scored eight goals in two games. Because of people like Pep and De Bruyne, I’d want to be in City’s camp. I think City will win all their games.

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Man City

“[But] it’s never been done four years in a row and there’s a reason for that. There’s an emotional rollercoaster you have to deal with and that’s where the managers come into it.

“Pep’s one of the greatest managers of all time. Klopp’s done an amazing job at Liverpool and he’s leaving, so there’s the emotional side of that.

“Arteta probably still has to get to the level of the other two managers but he’s doing a brilliant job, and he’s got that hunger. That’s why it’s intriguing.

“Arteta has done a brilliant job of rebuilding after last year, when people said they bottled it and all that carry on. They recruited really well in the summer.

“It could be goal difference or a refereeing decision. It’s so exciting.”

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