Distinctive features of Japanese lift truck

Distinctive features of Japanese lift truck

Japanese special-purpose machinery is appreciated for its quality, versatility, and reasonable prices. In the world, forklifts dominate the market. This type of equipment is available to large, small firms. Popular brands:

  • Mitsubishi;
  • Komatsu;
  • TCM;
  • Kobelco;
  • Tadano;
  • Toyota.

The model range of these manufacturers meets the demands of most construction and industrial organisations. And the possibility of using different attachments makes the technique multifunctional.

Comparison of Japanese lift trucks and excavators:

  • turning radius – smaller;
  • higher manoeuvrability;
  • high bucket breakout force;
  • double the load capacity to weight ratio.

Japanese loaders by technical characteristics are almost as good as highly specialised units. The purchase of universal machines is a profitable solution, as it saves the business from the need to order equipment to perform certain tasks.

Are Japanese loaders suitable for working in hard climatic conditions?

Japan’s climatic conditions are unique. The northern regions are snowed in half the year, while the southern regions only dream of snowfall. Manufacturers have taken this peculiarity into account when equipping special equipment. Therefore, customers have the opportunity to order standard and “winter” models.

For many companies, the issue of equipment remains important. Some countries are characterised by a different climate. When choosing equipment, it is necessary to take this factor into account. Japanese equipment is suitable for regions with different climatic conditions.

When order special equipment from Japan, you should carefully familiarise yourself with technical specifications and equipment. In addition to the basic parts, the units can be supplemented with various accessories.

Distinctive features of Japanese loaders

Japanese equipment supplied abroad meets environmental requirements and international standards. The load capacity of petrol loaders reaches 3.5 tonnes.

Other characteristics and distinctive features of the equipment:

  • powerful engines;
  • electronic control;
  • automatic transmission;
  • manoeuvrability;
  • ease of operation;
  • body anti-corrosion protection.

Demand for Japanese machinery is high due to impressive technical data, efficiency, optimal price.

All brands are reliable and functional. Toyota equipment can operate smoothly in a wide temperature range: from -40°C to +30°C. Kumatsu brand has high performance indicators. The design features of Mitsubishi machines ensure their high reliability.

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