What is PRP-therapy

PRP therapy is an injection procedure involving the injection of platelet-enriched plasma into a place on the patient’s body that requires rapid healing, i.e. it is aimed at accelerating regeneration and stimulating the growth of the body’s own cells. The method is quite innovative, but at this stage it has already shown positive results in the treatment of sports injuries (tears of joint tissues). It has found wide application in cosmetology and trichology.

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The essence of the method is not to treat with the influence from the outside, as medications do, but to make your own body produce the necessary number of cells for tissue repair.

In cosmetology, the method is better known as “plasmolifting” and is used in rejuvenation programs or as monotherapy to return elasticity to aging skin with using of Plasmolifting PRP Tubes . Experience in the use of enriched blood product shows that in addition to successful tightening of sagging contours, plasmolifting is effective in alopecia as a natural hair growth stimulator.

The PRP procedure consists of several stages:

  • Blood sampling of the patient. It is performed from the ulnar vein, the volume can be from 20 to 100 ml, depending on the treated body area and the duration of the course
  • Production of enriched plasma. Performed in two stages by centrifugation: first, heavy form elements (lymphocytes and erythrocytes) are removed from the blood, then the plasma is concentrated to such an extent that the platelet content per milliliter of blood is 5-6 times higher than the natural level for the patient. The drug is diluted with heparin, which prevents platelet aggregation (sticking)
  • Injection of the PRP Tubes into the injured area (depending on the purpose of therapy, the enriched plasma can be injected into the joint, under the skin, or intradermally)
  • Being essentially fragments of a megakaryocyte (the progenitor cell of all the form elements), platelets contain on their surface a large number of so-called growth factors – proteins that stimulate cell synthesis. This is their success in hemostasis (stopping bleeding).

On getting back into the body, concentrated platelets begin to actively stimulate the growth of new cells. Fibroblasts and muscle fibers are sensitive to growth factors. Increasing their number increases skin elasticity and firmness, allows restoring damaged areas of muscles, fascia, joint structures, strengthening hair follicles in the bed.

As the growth factor contributes to strengthening and growth of blood vessels, PRP therapy improves blood circulation in tissues, thus achieving better metabolism, including gases, which allows restoring a rich and healthy color to the fading skin, cope with acne and furunculosis.

In plastic surgery this method is used in the postoperative period for healing surgical wounds, resorption of scars and in combination with antiseptics to prevent inflammatory processes.

Does this procedure need to be done?

The doctor decides on the necessity of this PRP-therapy for each individual patient. The procedure is an injection, so it is important to prepare for it, exclude diseases that are contraindications, weigh the benefits and potential risks. Referral for a course of plasma therapy can only be given by a qualified specialist.

However, if there are indications, you should take advantage of the chance to solve the problem without surgery, because in some cases PRP therapy can replace endoscopic manipulations and plastic surgery, or at least delay for a few years the need for more invasive interventions. if you need this you can ask PRP-shop .

The PRP therapy procedure is indicated for:

  • Sports injuries (sprains/tears of ligaments, muscles, cartilage injuries)
  • In the postoperative period (for quicker healing of stitches, scars, reducing the risk of infection).
  • Burns (promotes rapid epithelialisation of the skin – i.e. its regeneration)
  • For hard to heal ulcers, oozing eczema.
  • Prosthetics for edentulous jaws – for quick implantation of implants, in the complex treatment of gum diseases.
  • Eyelid and corneal damages – injected subconjunctivally.
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