Watch: planes carried out the final Interception’ in the pursuit of the moon


WATCH: Jets Conduct ‘the Ultimate Intercept’ in Chasing the Moon

Three us aircraft tried to hold that one pilot called “the ultimate intercept” this year during the solar Eclipse and ended up spending three minutes in the shadow of the moon.

American actor will Smith gave some timely story. «These guys are going to try something they’ve never done before: something that shows how hard it is to go from one planet to another. Everyone in the galaxy is moving. During the Eclipse, when the moon slides in the sun, its shadow speeds over the earth at an altitude of 1700 miles per hour. But it’s easy to forget that we’re moving too. Our planet rotates at 1,000 miles per hour. To stay in the shadow of the moon, the planes have to fly faster than the Earth spins».

The plane was flying at a speed of around 2.5 Mach during flight.



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