Make Cosmos Raunchy Again! Japanese Company to Send Sex Toy Into Space, Media Says


According to NASA, no astronaut has had rumpy-pumpy in space, and the process could be quite tricky due to microgravity. However, space agencies are planning long missions in the not-so-distant future, so it is likely they will have to address the issue.

The Japanese adult firm Tenga plans to send a sex toy into space, local media reported. The Tenga Rocket, with a male self-gratification toy, is expected to lift off from the Hokkaido Spaceport next month, if weather conditions are good. Created in collaboration with the Japanese civilian spaceflight company Interstellar Technologies, the project has two objectives.

Firstly, it is to study the effects of space on sex toys. Tenga says it wants to become the first company to develop a sex toy that can be used in space. In order to achieve this, it needs to find out how to make it work in a microgravity environment. Simply put, how to prevent lubricants and semen from floating around and damaging millions of dollars’ worth of equipment.

The second objective is to send 1,000 letters written by people who helped fund the project.

Health experts say that space agencies will have to address the issue of sexual health in space, as astronauts will be spending more time beyond Earth.


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