Listen: NASA Captures Sounds of Ingenuity Chopper’s Fourth Flight on Mars


NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter recently managed its fourth successful flight on the red planet on April 30, but also managed to capture an unexpected gift for space enthusiasts with an interest in video and audio content from the agency’s ongoing Mars missions.

A microphone installed on NASA’s Perseverance rover recently stunned engineers after it managed to successfully record the humming sounds made by the Ingenuity chopper during its fourth flight on Mars.

The footage released by NASA combines both video and audio captured by the Perseverance rover, which – despite the sounds of the rumbling Martian wind – managed to tape the muffled sounds of Ingenuity’s rotor blades with its SuperCam laser instrument.

Although the rover’s Mastcam-Z device has obtained various videos and images of the Martian environment, a Friday release from NASA explained that the flight test also proved to be the first time that video footage was synced with audio.

“This is a very good surprise,” David Mimoun, science lead for Perseverance’s SuperCam microphone, said in a statement accompanying NASA’s release. 

“We had carried out tests and simulations that told us the microphone would barely pick up the sounds of the helicopter, as the Mars atmosphere damps the sound propagation strongly. We have been lucky to register the helicopter at such a distance. 

Weighing in at just four pounds, the Ingenuity chopper arrived on Mars’s Jezero Crater in mid-February while stowed away inside the Perseverance rover. The mission will see NASA researchers looking for evidence of microbial life on the red planet, among other objectives. Perseverance is expected to spend two years examining the 28-mile-wide area of the since-dried Jezero lakebed.


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