Hair replacement systems for men – a modern solution to alopecia

Hair replacement systems for men - a modern solution to alopecia
Hair replacement systems for men – a modern solution to alopecia

Alopecia is a problem that affects many men. And it is not only older people who suffer from hair loss. Quite often young men are faced with this unpleasant phenomenon. The reasons may be different, such as genetic predisposition or the presence of certain diseases. Few people agree to put up with baldness or fully cut hair. Luckily, nowadays it’s possible to solve the problem quickly, without resorting to hair transplantation. The easiest and most affordable way is to use the replacement system from SV Atelier.

What is a hair replacement system

The system of hair replacement developed by Sergei Vorontsov is in fact a patch of hair. The systems are suitable for almost all people experiencing alopecia, provided there are no wounds or sores on the scalp in the area of alopecia. Replacing sizes can be any, even minimal – from 3 cm.

Wearing such a system is harmless and absolutely painless. Replacing is very tight to the skin, which allows a person to lead a normal life without limiting himself in anything. Thanks to the mesh base of the system, the skin breathes freely, which creates the most comfortable conditions.

Systems from SV Atelier

SV Atelier systems are one of a kind. They are created according to the unique author’s method of Sergei Vorontsov. Such systems are characterized by the highest quality, a fine mesh structure which allows moisture and air to pass through, and compliance with the individual parameters of the client.

The popularity of Replays by Sergey Vorontsov can be explained by many advantages:

  • The hair in the system is visually indistinguishable from natural hair.
  • Systems can be worn for months without taking them off. While wearing the system, you can wash your hair, go swimming, and attend trainings.
  • SV Atelier uses only natural not dyed hair to make the systems.
  • The thinnest net-base made of a durable material weighs not more than 3 grams and is not felt on the skin.
  • The base fully imitates the scalp, including the presence of baby hairs along the hairline.
  • All products are created exactly according to the individual size of the client’s head.

Systems from SV Atelier need to be adjusted every six months to keep them in perfect shape.

Proper product installation

To fix the system according to all the rules, the master adheres to the following scheme:

  1. Determine the exact boundaries of the fixation zone of the system.
  2. Using an alcohol spray, degrease the skin in the fixation area. Degrease the edges of the mesh at the base of the system. Use an oily skin protector for maximum retention.
  3. After fitting the product, fix the top with glue (the hair on the system is fixed in a bundle and the edges are secured with hairpins – this will prevent the hair from getting caught on the layer of glue).
  4. After applying the glue to the surface of the head, wait about 2 minutes for it to have time to dry. Next, press the system to the head for half a minute and do not touch the system for the next 10 minutes so that it is securely attached to the skin.

If you follow all the rules of exploitation and do correction in time the hair replacement system will last a long time.

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