‘Fleet of Underwater UFOs’ Spotted off the Greek Coastline by Alien Hunter


Google Earth can prove to be a valuable tool for those UFO enthusiasts who like to scroll over the detailed images of our planet in a bid to spot some evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life – and the most eager ones usually find it.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C. Waring just “solved” another alien mystery after he came across Google Earth images that revealed what he dubbed as a “fleet” of alien ships hidden underneath the water off Greek coastline.

The enthusiast then goes on to share more details about his peculiar finding on his YouTube channel, by revealing to his followers than the purported spacecraft is just one among many spotted by the mystery-investigator.

Waring then compares the size of the first underwater object to a “football field”, arguing that it could have appeared in the area back in 2016, according to his analysis. He soon leaves his discovery to scroll down to another coastline to reveal that a number of similarly-shaped objects can be spotted nearby.

Apparently, Waring’s findings have truly shocked some of his subscribers.

Some, however, remained skeptical.

“Just a guess, but I’ve seen stuff like this and I think they are man made reef’s… not sure but I’ve seen this before in Florida”, one YouTuber wondered.

“I believe in UFO’s but I think those are underwater geysers”, user named Karl claimed.

Waring still remained unconvinced by their skepticism by revealing on his blog that he has previously heard of “an alien base that was not far away from Greece”, five kilometres from the Italian castle Rocca Pia and was ready to speculate about this mystery as well.

“The base is huge and they said it extends far out under the ocean. These UFOs look like they belong to the W56”, the hunter concluded.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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