Dutch Scientists Invent COVID-19 ‘Scream Test’


Usually in a traditional COVID-19 test, a cotton swab is inserted into the mouth or nasal cavity, after which it is passed over the throat and a person feels some discomfort during the procedure.

Dutch inventor Peter van Wees has come up with an innovative COVID-19 test that does not require a swab, according to Reuters.

In so-called “shouting booth”, an air-locked cabin, people have to shout something at the top of their lungs; afterwards, an industrial air purifier will analyse the emitted particles and report whether coronavirus is present or not.

The whole process would take less than three minutes.

​To test his method, the inventor has set up a booth on the outskirts of Amsterdam, next to a medical centre, and has invited people who have already passed a COVID-19 test and know their result to try it.

The country’s health officials have not yet commented on the invention, as they know little about it.

Moreover, there is another COVID-19 test on offer, a rectal PCR test which Chinese doctors consider more accurate than any other method.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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