Progressive candidates flood Washington on the target training


Progressive candidates flood Washington for targeted training

“Bernie! Bernie!” they said together, like Senator Bernie Sanders, VT.-I walked into the room.

Unlike the memorable mega-event of his presidential campaign, with crowds of mainly young voters, a year and a half later, this room consists of 450 ruddy, democratic candidates seeking the civil service, many for the first time.

The scene on Thursday Afternoon was the revolution’s independent Senator has always wanted … or at least he hoped that after his bid for the White house is paid off-is coming true.

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Progressive candidates flood Washington for targeted training

APIN this Dec. 5, 2017, photo, Senator Elizabeth Warren, d-mass., waits to speak at a meeting of the Senate banking Committee on Capitol hill in Washington.

Candidates from 48 States, running in races large and small, gathered in Washington, D.C., for four days of training to learn the tricks of the trade from some of the most economical grass-roots organizers in the country with the hope to perpetuate a progressive brand of politics back home in their districts.

The legacy of the political organization of the Sanders, our revolution, in partnership with the progressive campaign Committee changes (apply) for a conference and the organizers were delighted with the number of registrations. According to representatives of the event, 70 percent of participants actively working in 2018 — 64% of them in districts President Donald trump won in 2016. The group was much more diverse too: 55 percent women, 40 percent people of color and 82% of those who never held elective office.

After the election of 2016, democratic organizations across the country, admired a surge of interest among activists now seek to run.

“The political climate turned on its head and I commend Bernie Sanders for this. You have working class people stand up and run to the office and, what is more important than ever,” brianna Westbrook, representative automotive sales is now running for the Senate of the state of Arizona told ABC news between sessions at the event.

Learning target lessons from experienced managers and consultants about the nuts and bolts of the campaign. Feedback for individual listeners was granular and specific. Joel Silverman, a longtime political expert in communications who has worked with some of the biggest names in democratic politics, gave advice, facial expressions, position of hands and the choice of words as the candidates practiced their stump speeches.

The writers and producers of Hollywood in the next room gave the candidates suggestions on how to make their speech more convincing, including when to pause for dramatic effect.

Progressive candidates flood Washington for targeted training

AP in this April 4, 2018, file photo, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT., speaking at the rally dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther king in Memphis, Tennessee.

The conference was six months old and the first time these two progressive organizations have teamed up in this way. Our revolution, which was formed during the presidential election in 2016, spent $200,000 on the event leadership team.

This refers not to approve the Sanders in the primary presidential elections. The founders of the group were some of the original backers of Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-mass. Organization, in fact, coined the phrase, “the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic party”.

Sanders and Warren both turned out Thursday crowd.

As a team Sanders, which is known in Washington political circles are openly talking about … and means … a split in the democratic party between the Progressives focused on economic populism and a centrist. Even in the era of trump card, when the Democrats mostly United in their opposition to the White house, the main theme of the conference was that democratic candidates should not shy away from campaigning left, even if that means bucking advice from some Democratic party officials.

“Any old blue just won’t do,” Nina Turner, President of the legacy political organization Sanders, our revolution, said presenting Saunders. “I’m talking about ‘Bernie blue’”.

Some of those present complained that the officials of the Democratic party, they thought, more common handpicked candidates across the country and advised parents to temper progressive platforms. At one point, the co-founder Adam green asked the crowd if any of them were asked to do more to the center and half the hands in the room seemed to.

“Trust your intuition. Trust your heart,” Sanders told the crowd during his speech, adding that those in the audience must be tired of consultants who may suggest a more centrist message for their campaigns. “Look at the President of the United States and make sure that you know much more than he will know on his best day.”

Sanders listed from progressive political positions that were until recently thought to be outside the mainstream Democratic party platform, but which gained considerable steam in the last two years, for example, single-payer, medicare-for-all-style health care system and $15 dollars per hour Minimum wage.

Speaking to the group, Warren went through political values that unite progressive, including believers in defense of social security, climate change, and most importantly corporations are not people and large financial campaign, US citizens, should be abolished. The last line was met with prolonged applause.

“We have to win this fight, and it means that we leave no one behind. I want a democratic party that is strong enough to be in every race, in every County, in every state,” she told the crowd.

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Progressive candidates flood Washington for targeted training

Associated Press this March 26 file photo by 2018, a New candidate York democratic gubernatorial Cynthia Nixon answers a question during a press conference in Albany, new York

Continuing the theme of empowerment of the rebel Democrats, actress Cynthia Nixon from “sex in the city”, who is running for the Democratic Governor of new York, will perform for the crowd Friday.

Sanders and Warren, at this stage of development, taking on various political steps, elected officials more often than to guide the choice of the President, i.e., the year can be not only disagreements and tensions between Progressives and other Democrats, but also among the Progressives.

A significant number of voters and organizers on the left are disappointed in the presidential race of 2016 when Warren doesn’t approve of Sanders, despite their overlapping political positions. Still, Warren formidable after her own.

Patrick Maguire, the official Democratic party in Oregon, told ABC news he thought Warren was the best messenger for progressive values, but what many activists and leaders of the dance halls at the weekend were delighted with the impulse Sanders.

Christine forces, running for state representative in Pennsylvania, said that although she was a Sanders, a delegate in 2016, it will be “vote for woman”, if it came to Warren and Sanders.


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