Note: trump against the Republicans, his advisers and the DOJ


The Note: Trump vs. Republicans, his advisers and the DOJ

Who’s not worried about President Donald trump firing Robert Mueller? (Except, perhaps, trump and Mueller themselves.)

As possible targets of the investigation expanded, and the President’s attacks. The raids of the home and trump lawyer Michael Cowen cut close to President of the business and personal interests, and trump responded by saying that he views the actions as “an attack on our country, in the true sense.”

With regard to potentially counter the said “attack”, – said the Chairman of the Senate chak grassli, a Republican, said it would be “suicide” for trump to fire Mueller. Senator Lindsey Graham, another Republican, said again that this will be the “beginning of the end of his presidency.” At the same time, Democrats are prepared ways of responding, which ensure the investigation is ongoing, with or without Muller.

Several in trump’s inner circle think of ousting Mueller, attorney General Jeff sessins, or the Deputy General Prosecutor rod Rosenstein will help advance the agenda of the President. More on trump’s orbit can rule out these possibilities.

Trump is angry, Yes. It is also increasingly lonely – go out on your own these days against the Republicans in Congress, his own advisers internal and external policy, and of course, its own justice.

A summary of Newton parks

It was yesterday, it would seem, simple questions during a hearing in the Senate with CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, which showed how difficult it is to write new rules for platforms will.

“Who is your main competitor?” Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, asked.

“Why she could not be removed for 24 hours?” Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont pressed, citing the example of hate that encouraged violence in Myanmar.

Zuckerberg struggled to get answers for everyone.

The Note: Trump vs. Republicans, his advisers and the DOJ

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty ImagesFacebook CEO mark Zuckerberg arrived to testify before a joint hearing of the Senate Commerce, science and transportation Committee and the Senate judiciary Committee on Capitol hill April 10, 2018, in Washington.

The main issues, proposed the knowledge gap between senators and voters who use this technology every day. On the other hand, try to put the issues of modern computer technology, data transmission, coding and storage policy to tell exposed how far behind the current situation may be.

“We all pressed the button? Is that in the vault somewhere?” Senior Deb Fischer, R – Neb., continued. It does not appear to be mealy-mouthed Zuckerberg’s response.

“If you do not choose, You do not call and text?” Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., asked, adding that “this practice is done with minors?”

“I don’t know,” replied Zuckerberg.

“There were reports that Facebook can track the user activity on the Internet even after the user left the Facebook platform,” wicker went on.

Zuckerberg said politely that he would have to check and get back to it, but it highlights the degree is unknown.

In General, the day reinforced how immeasurably large companies today, and how few questions he had to answer before.

NIB John Verhovek

While young Americans are consistently at lower levels than other age groups in American elections, the ever-elusive millennial vote may be a major factor in the upcoming midterm elections in 2018.

According to a new survey conducted by the Harvard University Institute of politics, 37 percent of potential voters aged 18 to 29 say they “definitely will vote” in the midterm elections this year, significantly ahead of the millennial turnout in the last two midterm elections. Among those likely voters, 69 percent say they want to see Democrats control Congress, while 28 percent favor the Republican party.

The Note: Trump vs. Republicans, his advisers and the DOJ

Kiichiro Sato/APVoters to vote in primary elections in Illinois at the beginning of a new town site for voting in Chicago, March 13, 2018.

The same survey was in the field from the beginning to the end of March, found that 72% of 18 to 29 years old approve of the policy of the President of trump running for office, another sign that Republicans may face serious obstacles to the victory over a significant portion of young voters in this cycle.

But while the Democrats can celebrate those numbers, historically, millennial turnout remains low, especially in midterm elections. Only 21% of 18 to 29 year-olds voted in the last two midterm elections, according to the center for information and research on civic learning and engagement.


• President of the trump sign “allow States and victims to combat sex trafficking act of 2017” in the oval office at 11 am

• The President is having lunch with the Republican leadership of Congress at 6:30 PM in the blue room

• Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg returned to the hill to testify before the Committee on energy and Commerce chamber at 10 a.m.

• Attorney General Jeff sessions in new Mexico, to deliver remarks on immigration a coalition with the southwestern border Sheriff.


“It’s an arms race. They will keep on getting better at it.” – CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg to counter Russian efforts to meddle in the U.S. and other elections.


Trump’s lawyers met with staff Mueller on the day of the FBI raids. Trump’s lawyers previously scheduled meeting, which was held in the framework of a series of negotiations between trump and the team Muller to a potential interview with the President. (John Santucci and Katherine Faulders)

President trump‘, of course, believes that he has the power to fire Mueller: the White house. After months of brushing off questions about whether the President is considering the dismissal of Mueller, Sanders told reporters that the White house was warned by lawyers and Ministry of justice that he is in the presidential administration. (Shane McGraw)

Zuckerberg faces Congress grilling over privacy of users Facebook, election 2016. Senators on the Commerce and judiciary committees asked Zuckerberg about alleged violations of user privacy, fake news and alleged manipulation of the platform to an external enemy to spread misinformation in the presidential campaign of 2016. (Brüggemann Lucien)

President trump ‘less likely’ to sit down with special tips for interviews after the RAID on personal lawyer: sources. As a result of morning FBI RAID on his personal lawyer, sources close to the President, Donald trump and his lawyers say the President is “less inclined” to sit down for an interview with the team of special counsel Robert Muller. (John Santucci and Katherine Faulders)

Advisor on security issues trump homeland unexpectedly resigns. In a surprise move, national security adviser of U.S. President Donald trump, Tom Bossert, is resigning, the White house announced Tuesday, and the reason was unclear. (Jordyn Phelps)

Tramp-appointed U.S. attorney refused to investigate Michael Cohen. Jeffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney for the southern district of new York refused to investigate Michael Cohen, ABC news has learned. (Jonathan Karl and Josh Margolin)

Internal documents question the rationale of EPA for the costs of providing security Pruitt is. Top democratic senators are calling for immediate hearings on expensive bill of the security Agency for environmental protection Administrator Scott Pruitt, said in a letter sent to the Chairman of the Committee, which oversees the activities of the Agency. (Stephanie ebbs)

Trump has canceled a trip to South America over Syria, the White house says. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced Tuesday that “the President will remain in the United States to observe the American response to Syria and to follow the events in the world.” (Allison Pecorin)

Zuckerberg notes indicate that it was drafted by the senators to request retirement. The associated Press price, CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg said that he was prepared for the senators to ask him about his retirement from the company at a joint meeting of the Trade and judicial committees on Tuesday Afternoon. (Matt Seyler)

In the new York times‘ Vanessa Friedman interprets Zuckerberg uncharacteristically perfect wardrobe choice for Congress as a symbol of repentance from inaccessible CEO.

In the”Washington post” according to Facebook, the most popular black lives matter page that seems to have been a Scam run by an Australian man.



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