Claims Sean Hannity he walked over to Michael Cohen for minor consultations on real estate issues


Sean Hannity claims he went to Michael Cohen for minor real estate advice

Sean Hannity promised to set the record straight on the “Michael Cohen hysteria” during a news program Fox Monday night, but instead he repeated his earlier statement that Cohen “has never represented me in any legal matter”.

“I never hired him, I have not received a bill, I never paid Michael Cohen on legal fees,” Hannity said of his program. “I had a brief conversation with Michael Cohen — he’s a good lawyer — legal questions I had, or I was looking for input and perspective.”

Hannity added that his conversation with Cohen “was never raised at any level that I needed to tell someone,” and that none of his interactions with Cohen involved a third party.

“My questions are almost exclusively focused on real estate,” concluded Hannity. “I have said many times on my radio show, ‘I hate the stock market, I prefer the estate.’ Michael knows real estate.”

Despite the promise to put “wild speculation” to rest, Hannity basically just repeated his previous statement with the added nugget that he had consulted with Cohen on real estate. It doesn’t give any information about what is the real advice of real estate can be.

A Federal judge exposed Hannity as a mysterious third client a longtime trump attorney Cohen during a court session on Monday. Cohen filed a lawsuit to prevent the FBI from searching through documents it seized in the April 9 RAID. In court documents, Cohen was set trump and Elliott Broidy, the Republican national Committee Finance Vice-Chairman, and two of the three clients, but there was one client’s name secret. When the judge ordered Cohen to publish his name Hannity showed up.

Hannity, who took the side of the team’s trump card in the Cohen Saga, little new information on his show — but the allotted time in order to punish the media for his reaction to the revelation that he was a client of Cohen.

“As expected, not all knowing, or frankly any of the facts, the media went absolutely insane,” said Hannity. He proved his innocence, apparently showing the news cuts of the owners saying his name:

Hannity has spent the past week echoing the line of the President that the RAID Cohen is part of the Robert Mueller “witch hunt” without disclosing his own relationship with Cohen. This is something even well done trump defender and lawyer Alan Dershowitz criticized Hannity on his program Monday night, telling the owner that he had to announce his relationship with Cohen for the audience. Hannity replied that the relationship was minimal in relation to the estate and “nothing political”.

“You were supposed to say that,” Dershowitz said. “And it would be fair to say that it was minimal.”


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