A new poll shows Democrat leading in each of the Senate Arizona match


New poll shows Democrat leading in every Arizona Senate matchup

If the Democrats hope to win back the Senate in 2018, while the severe card, the election race in Arizona to win. According to a new survey, the top Democrat, there is a real chance to turn the retired chair Senator Jeff Flake in November: she leads each of her potential Republican opponents in a two-way race.

REM. not the kyrsten Sinema (d-AZ), the presumed nominee of the Democratic party, tops establishment favorite Rep. Martha McSally, a conservative former state Senator Kelly ward, and anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the match of the General election, a new study from ABC15 in Phoenix and Prognostic insights found.

From the survey, one of the first to estimate the General election landscape in the Grand Canyon:

  • Sinema: 48 percent; McSally: 42 percent; 10 percent were undecided
  • Cinema: 50%; ward: 40 percent; 10 percent were undecided
  • Sinema: 59 percent; Arpaio 33 percent, and 8 percent were undecided

This is just one poll, of course, and elections for many months. But it seems to confirm what many suspect politicians: Democrats have a real chance to win in Arizona, where Donald trump to defeat Hillary Clinton by less than 4 points in 2016. Of the warnings from Harry Enten on CNN:

As for the Republican primaries which will be held in late August, a new poll finds ABC15 ward is leading with 36%, followed by McSally 27 percent, and Arpaio by 22 percent.

It’s a little at odds with other surveys of the race, which showed McSally in the lead, according to RealClearPolitics. This is one reason as a stand for the music to accept this new poll, at least, with suspicion.

Still, Sinema looks like a strong contender to replace Flake, who decided to retire and not run for another term. Courses the cook political report’s Senate race Arizona range, as center of the University of Virginia for politics.

Sourse: vox.com

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