Vyshyvanka is the nation’s code

Vyshyvanka is the nation’s code
Vyshyvanka is the nation’s code

Historians and ethnographers believe that embroidery (a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt) is considered an important detail of the national type of clothing, as well as a symbol of Ukrainian culture. What does this mean for citizens of Ukraine? Using embroidery, citizens demonstrate their respect and reverence for their land, while others consider such clothes to be beautiful. Now, when people from different countries of the world use the word “Ukraine”, embroidery has become an identifier of the nation of Ukraine in the world community. The origin of embroidered shirt indicates peacefulness, as well as hard work and patience of citizens of Ukraine.

Shirt origin

In ancient times, the tailor used a canvas measured in advance, which doubled and made a round hole for the head. The sliding fabric has folds and descends to the very bottom, which is similar to the rays of the Sun. These clothes covered people for a long time and saved them from the cold. This is real Ukrainian clothes, which is very popular today. The 2 kolyory online store offers to purchase a traditional Ukrainian shirt that is qualitatively made and reliable in use, which is practical and durable when used. By purchasing embroidery in the online store, which is located at https://2kolyory.com/en, you make the most optimal and correct choice. Today, the Ukrainian national shirt is very popular and in demand among a large number of buyers from around the world.

Features embroidered

Ukrainian shirt embroidered shirt is very associated with various natural elements. The first thing that is required to create it is to cultivate the soil and properly cultivate flax, because it grows in the ground. After that, it is poured with water, and also carefully dried and bleached using ash. Weaving, as well as spinning, are important stages for creating national Ukrainian clothes. Flax helped create the perfect clothes, which are very popular in Ukraine with a large number of people.

The sacred meaning of patterns

The Ukrainian shirt has long served as a carrier of information about society and man. The symbols on the shirt are made using a needle and high-quality threads (embroidery). They are able to tell a lot about the Ukrainian people, as well as their talents and merits. As a rule, Ukrainian embroidery was created for a particular citizen and was able to indicate his status in society. When putting on such a shirt, think for a moment about how the embroidery happened and how long it has had a history.

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