Peter de Sève’s “Undercover”

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A multitude of sensory delights are on offer this time of year, not least the sound of birds announcing the arrival of spring. For the cover of the April 15, 2024, issue, the cartoonist Peter de Sève set out to implore readers to look closely at the details and the animals that emerge as the weather gets warmer. De Sève’s image includes various well-known winged species, such as bluebirds and mourning doves, and a few made-up avian creatures—and even a feline figure. “Creating an image that requires the viewer to be engaged with it in the same way they interact with a puzzle is always rewarding,” de Sève said.

For more covers featuring birds, see below:

“March 22, 1932,” by Gardner Rea

“April 26, 1947,” by Abe Birnbaum

“Shelter in Place,” by Christoph Mueller

Find Peter de Sève’s covers, cartoons, and more at the Condé Nast Store.


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