Pascal Campion’s “Into the Light”

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For the cover of the April 8, 2024, issue, Pascal Campion, an artist who often discusses his interest in light, set out to capture a feeling that sometimes seizes New Yorkers when they emerge from underground. “I always come back to my one trip to New York, a place I’d seen so often on TV and in movies,” Campion said. “I just wasn’t prepared for how much life it held.”

For more covers about life in the big city, see below:

“May 2, 1931,” by Theodore G. Haupt

“June 3, 1933,” by Adolph K. Kronengold

“Luxurious, Quiet, and Cozy,” by J.J. Sempé

Find Pascal Campion’s covers, cartoons, and more at the Condé Nast Store.


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