Immigration Irony

State of the Union: A 400 person brawl broke out outside a New York City migrant center when one migrant attempted to skip the line.

The border is in complete chaos. So much so that New York City Mayor Eric Adams has proclaimed that the inability to accommodate the influx of migrants “will destroy New York City” (if the rats don’t manage to first) and the state of Massachusetts has decided it will violate its own sanctuary laws. President Joe Biden’s administration has done the unthinkable: stealthily erect a few more sections of former President Trump’s border wall.

On Capitol Hill, border security, and by little extension America’s sovereignty, is being used as a bargaining chip by the establishment in an attempt to grease the skids on a $106 billion supplemental package that seeks to defend other nation’s borders half a world away. But America does not have to go abroad in search of monsters to destroy; they’re already under the bed thanks to decades of high rates of immigration.

On Saturday morning a brawl that involved more than 400 migrants broke out outside a migrant center in New York City. The migrant center, located at the former St. Brigid School, is where migrants go to reapply for temporary housing—the only such facility in New York City. 

What caused the migrant mayhem? One of the migrant men, holding a cup of coffee, attempted to skip the line.

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The man’s coffee, according to the New York Post, spilled on others waiting in line. The confrontation got physical, and all hell broke loose. Police were forced to break up the fight. When the dust settled, New York City authorities arrested only two individuals; two police officers sustained minor injuries. 

That same day, one Venezuelan migrant was fatally stabbed by a Peruvian migrant at one of the shelters the migrants brawling in front of the old St. Brigids were hoping to find housing in. The Venezuelan victim, a 24-year-old male, and the reportedly Peruvian perpetrator, a 27-year-old male, fought “next to the dining room,” according to witness Jose David. “They fought over a woman. The Venezuelan took the woman from the Peruvian,” David added.

Unfettered immigration has played a major role in killing the American dream for many working and middle class Americans. One thing it hasn’t managed to kill it seems is irony.


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