Anton Sibil about creativity and trends

It’s not a secret that everything has its own way, whether it’s creativity or even some solutions in hard-skills directions.

Global style changes every day. The rate of change of these stages is only increasing. Does this mean that there will be no more legendary musicians or groups? Does this mean that all performers will become one-day performers who can only be remembered and praised out of a sense of nostalgia?

Perhaps, but this is just an introduction to the topic. I wanna talk about musical directions that have existed for a very long time, but they are unlikely to become popular as other styles of music.

Anton Sibil about Ambient and trance music

Not so much about trance music as about Ambient, although I always liked to compare these 2 genres. Through the prism of Anton Sibil’s subjective opinion, being close to the truth is quite difficult, but I can give you some food for thought.

Ambient as a genre has existed for a VERY long time – from the moment when music became “recordable” and man-made mechanisms appeared that made sounds.

Ambient was very conceptual, as well as any “new” offshoot in the same painting. The narrative is much more important than the object of interest.

So, it has existed for a long time, but not to say that during this time it was at least once in the foreground. Each of you will answer the same for the question “Which genre of music is popular now?”. The fact that some genres dominate too much in a certain period, it is much more interesting to pay attention to genres that “as if” cannot become such. Therefore, we are talking about Ambient.

The Future of Music

Given the speed that Anton Sibil spoke about at the very beginning, it will become obvious that the genres that may be in the TOP itself will begin to change faster and faster. Their significance will become completely different. Who knows, maybe just “dark horses” will become special.

I don’t remember that in the Ambient environment there were scandals or phrases that someone stagnated. Is this environment as if disconnected from the usual conversations and discussions within the industry or am I wrong?

Anton Sibil about his project

As a self-respecting performer, I lay down a large number of narrative levels in my music and emphasize that the impression and condition are much more important than the technical side of the issue. Artificial intelligence will make an ideal product/algorithm/product. People with their inaccuracy and subjectivity should be appreciated when creativity comes to the fore.

Too much text – little context

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Anton Sibil's project "SIBIL IYA" - cover irrevocable-irony-c

Anton Sibil's project "SIBIL IYA" - cover first-rain-b


Anton Sibil's “ANTON SIBIL” project - short way

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