A perfect and modern thank you to the guests for coming to the wedding

A perfect and modern thank you to the guests for coming to the wedding
From sweets most often give chocolate figures or candy of unusual shape

Gifts from the newlyweds to the guests: why is it necessary

For the first time the tradition of presenting gifts to the guests at the wedding banquet appeared in the 16th century. Then it was a symbol of luxury and wealth. Only wealthy families could afford such generosity. Today, this custom has begun to gain popularity for its own reasons, although, of course, memorable souvenirs for guests require extra expense.

Of course, whether or not to make gifts for guests at a wedding is an individual couple’s choice. But such a tradition has a number of advantages:

  • Souvenirs leave the memory of the celebration for many years. Wedding presents, like photos, will remind you of your celebration for years to come.
  • Symbolic appreciation. In fact, the wedding is important not only for the newlyweds, but also for all the relatives and friends invited to the banquet hall. They prepare long and carefully for the celebration. So why not thank them with a small symbolic gift?
  • Variety in the wedding program. For example, you can give surprises to guests during contests or toasts. It will be fun, bright and unforgettable.

In addition, with wedding gifts can be a great way to play and support the stylistic concept of the celebration.

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Wedding gift presentation ideas

You don’t have to puzzle over which thank you gifts for guests would be appropriate at your wedding reception. Just choose from our list of what you’ll like best.


Always a relevant and affordable gift option for guests. These can be figurines of hearts, angels, birds, a couple in love, bells, and anything else that somehow reminds them of the wedding. An ideal option is to have your couple’s initials engraved on the figurines or choose figurines that look like the bride and groom.


This is a traditional gift to wedding guests from the newlyweds, popular in European countries. Bonbonnières are small boxes with souvenirs. They can be completely different in appearance, shape, and size. If you wish, instead of a box, you can use a sack made of tulle, silk or organza, a miniature basket, a chest, a jar of unusual shape, a mini bucket.
As a rule, inside the box or other container is placed candy, gingerbread, cookies, marmalade or other sweets. But you can also consider more original options: miniature liquor bottles, trinkets, badges, pieces of soap, small cards.

Note. Bonbonnières in the style of decoration must match the concept of your celebration. Try to make them in the color scheme of the banquet hall for the wedding, add an inscription of your initials or other thematic symbols.

Wedding Magnets

One of the most popular gifts for wedding guests. The main advantage of such a presentation is that it will always be in sight.

Of course, you can find suitable in shape and color magnets in a souvenir shop. But much better to make them to order in a special workshop. For example, you can make magnets with a photo of the couple or a painted image of lovers. It is desirable that the souvenirs were made in the style of the celebration or in the colors of the banquet hall for the wedding.


Another universal souvenir for wedding guests. The only disadvantage of such a presentation is that it will be eaten quickly. Therefore, we recommend combining sweets with another small gift, such as a magnet, a cup or a postcard.

From sweets most often give chocolate figures or candy of unusual shape
From sweets most often give chocolate figures or candy of unusual shape

From sweets most often give chocolate figures or candy of unusual shape, rafaelki, nuts or fruits in chocolate, lollipops on a stick, cookies, miniature jars with honey or jam, marshmallows, macaroons.


An inexpensive and very pleasant surprise for wedding guests. The choice of candles is huge: from classic scented to decorative candles of any color, size and shape. If you have free time and desire, you can make candles for the guests themselves or decorate with thematic inscriptions already purchased.

In addition to those listed above, we recommend you to consider the following gift ideas for wedding guests: decorative bouquets of dried flowers, calendars, T-shirts with your photo, nuts with wishes or aphorisms, frames for photos, glasses with engraved date of the celebration.

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