What is a Non Deposit Account?

We see this service as a wonderful way for traders to try working with our company and try our trading conditions.

Whenever you register a Non Deposit account, you get a certain amount to start with – 250 Euro or 300 USDT. You can use this money for trading for the next 72 hours.

If you managed to make a profit – it’s great! We are happy to see our clients’ success, it’s our success too. As a broker, we make money from commissions, so it’s better for us when you trade and make a profit.

But business is business, and a Non Deposit account is just one of our company’s instruments. It’s our way to show new clients that trading with us is profitable and convenient. So, if you’re content with it, we invite you to become our client.

What do you need to do for that? Just replenish your account. After that, you become a real client of our company and can trade professionally using our servers. 

Even though Non Deposit account is a marketing product, you can keep using it for trading and withdrawing your profits. We can give our traders the capital to start their journey hoping for further cooperation. This is why we established a minimum trading volume one needs to make to withdraw the profit so that the company could compensate for its investments.

Our traders are business people who value profit. This is why this mutually beneficial Non Deposit Trading is a safe start for a long-term partnership.

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