US to Rely on Russia for Oil Under Biden, Trump Says as He Predicts ‘Energy Disaster’ for America


Speaking at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Orlando on Sunday, Donald Trump lashed out at President Joe Biden’s recent move to return to the Paris Climate Accord. According to the ex-POTUS, the decision disrupted his push make the US energy independent.

Former US President Donald Trump has warned that under the Biden administration, the country’s dependence on foreign oil may increase and that energy prices could rise.

The former POTUS also slammed the Biden administration’s decision to return to the Paris climate deal, saying the move ruined his efforts to turn the US into an energy independent country.

The 2015 Paris Climate Accord is the biggest international effort to curb climate change, per which 196 signatory countries collectively pledged to limit global warming below 2 degree Celsius. 

Additionally, the ex-US president argued that the Democrats could cause an “energy disaster” for America, pointing to the recent blackouts in California and “windmill calamity” in Texas that rode roughshod over the states amid bad weather conditions.

Trump said that wind and solar power are far more expensive than natural gas, not necessarily environmentally friendly, and lack the capacity to adequately fuel US factories.

During the October 2020 election debate, Biden, in response to a question from Trump about whether he would close down the oil sector of the US economy, said that he is planning to “transition from the oil industry” and eventually lead the nation towards renewable energy.

Trump was quick to respond by claiming that the Democratic nominee said “he is going to destroy the [US] oil industry”.


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