Nielsen study: WOG holds leadership third year in a row

Nielsen study: WOG holds leadership third year in a row
Nielsen study: WOG holds leadership third year in a row

WOG’s gasoline stations chain has strengthened the leadership position of the strong brand. According to the study carried out by Nielsen Shopper Trends Petrol Stations in 2018 in Kyiv, the distinguished characteristic the store of the WOG’s gasoline stations is associated with is the trend setting market leader. Such a high recognition the company has won for the third year in a row. In 2016-2017, WOG was also named as a company number one.

According to Elena Osipchuk, head of the PR-department of the WOG’s chain, high ratings received from consumers do prove that the company is headed in the right direction. ‘It is important for us that while visiting the WOG’s gasoline stations, our clients were satisfied’, Elena Osipchuk says. ‘We strive to create a place where our client feels comfortable. Therefore, taking into account the comments and wishes of consumers, we improve the quality of service based on their feedback. For example, we have recently launched a completely new mobile application PRIDE that includes all requirements and recommendations our users had shared’.

Customer’s behavior and brand equity index of stores at the gasoline stations chain

The data obtained in the course of the study indicate that more and more automobilists are giving preference to the stores at gas stations. The most popular categories in the store at the gasoline station are coffee (89%) and water (66%). Hot dogs (about 50%) are still in a great demand. For the third year in a row, WOG has become the leader of brand equity index, an indicator that Nielsen uses to measure how strong the brand is. The study indicated that the main feature the chain is associated with is the trend setting market leader. The second position is occupied by KLO that this year left behind OKKO having placed the latter on the third place.

Customer’s behavior and brand equity index of stores at the gasoline stations chain

However, it is noted that the main features customers are guided while choosing a store at the gasoline stations are comfort location, price and gasoline quality ratio, cleanliness and hygiene of the store. Thus, for nearly all respondents (97%) it is important that the store at the gasoline station were well kept and pleasant inside. 89% of respondents noted that while choosing a store the quality of the service provided is equally important for them.

In 2018, percentagewise WOG was recognized a leader by customer associations on the most features of store selection at gasoline stations.

Customer’s behavior and brand equity index of stores at the gasoline stations chain

Loyalty cards and mobile apps

The leaders on loyalty cards are WOG’s chains — 52% of respondents, OKKO — 44%, and KLO — 42%. In addition, respondents answered that the chain having a good cover has the most beneficial loyalty card. 26% of respondents consider that WOG’s loyalty card has the most benefits, KLO — 21%, OKKO — 17%.

According to the study, the percentage of drivers using mobile applications of gasoline stations is steadily growing. Thus, in 2018 40% of respondents used mobile applications of gasoline stations. In this context, WOG’s application is the most popular, 13% of all respondents are active users of the chain. The second place goes to OKKO — 9%. KLO with 7% ranks third in the rating.

Snack in the cafe at the gasoline station

The poll carried out in 2018 showed that the capital’s drivers began snacking more often in a cafe at a gasoline station. Most respondents said that they buy snacks at gas stations once or twice a week. Only 7% of respondents have never snacked at gasoline stations. This year the snacks purchased at gasoline stations reach 14% of the average monthly petrol consumption.

As for hot drinks the most popular among drivers are coffee (88%) and tea (27%). As for food for a snack hot dog (52%), pastries (36%), burger (31%), sandwich (16%) and pita (13%) are in great demand. On average, drivers spend 64 UAH for snacks at gas stations that is 17% less than in 2017. It means that drivers snack more often but buy less for food.

The most respondents answered that WOG’s gasoline stations chain offers the most delicious snack food in all categories. OKKO chain ranks second, KLO chain takes the third place.

Refilling the car

On average drivers in Kiev use a car 4 times a week. Basically, 64% of respondents refill vehicles with gasoline, 18% buy gas and 17% use diesel fuel. The largest number of respondents (27%) noted that WOG’s gasoline station was the place where they had refilled the car for a last time. KLO chain (21%) and OKKO chain (16%) took second and third place respectively.

As the poll showed the majority of drivers (64%) are satisfied with the quality and price of fuel. At the same time, on the opinion of the most of respondents, WOG is considered to be a gasoline station with the best quality gasoline and gas. Socar has the best quality of diesel fuel.

Refilling the car

WOG’s spotless and unconditional leadership in many categories persistently proves the absence of the least hint of allegedly bankruptcy that some unscrupulous media hastily and groundlessly tried to declare.

It is also worth noting that in the past, Dmytro Firtash showed interest in a financial relationship with WOG.

As of today, WOG shareholders include Stepan Ivakhiv, Sergey Lagur.



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