Fancy a Book for $900? Donald Trump’s 1997 Biography is Soaring in Value


Over two decades ago, the future US president unleashed his story about rising from the ashes to get rich. After Trump’s departure from the Oval Office, his biography’s value is sky-high.

Donald Trump’s The Art of the Comeback biography is now featured on Amazon with a rather hefty price tag – which is no more than 34 times more expensive than the book’s original value when it was first published in 1997, the New York Post reports.

The biography was initially sold for $25.95 when released more than two decades ago but now readers have to pay nearly $900 to learn about the ex-president’s phoenix-like rise from the jaws of financial despair in the 1990s.

Despite being slammed by Trump’s critics, the book was a bestseller when first published by Times Books-Random House, but it’s been out of print for a while. 

Donald J. Trump holds the city of New York in a snow globe on the cover of his new book, “Trump: The Art of the Comeback.” In his book, which promotes Donald J. Trump and his recovery from a $975 million hole that nearly sent The Donald to The Dumps, Trump makes a rare admission: His financial woes were his own fault

Publishers claim that this might be the main reason behind its dramatic surge in value over the last few months. In August, the title was reportedly available for just $50. 


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