All about car steam cleaning

Recently, more and more drivers prefer to clean their cars with steam cleaning. Such cleaning gives a quality result. It is very important here, because many car owners spend a huge part of their lives in their cars. The article will talk about the peculiarities of this procedure and the nuances that are worth paying attention to.

All about steam cleaning
All about steam cleaning

Peculiarities of steam cleaning

Steam cleaning of the interior of a car has its own peculiarities. This process should be handled by experienced professionals who know what mode and temperature should be set for a particular part of the car, so as not to damage it.
The main features include:

the procedure lasts 2-4 hours, when the usual dry cleaning takes about 12 hours; high temperature up to +140…+160 ° C is applied; cleaning takes place under high pressure (up to 10 bar), which allows steam to penetrate into hard-to-reach places; this method requires a minimum amount of water.

Inetresting factIn Derbyshire (UK) there is the most expensive car wash Elite Detailing in the world that is famous for its high standards of cleanliness. The car is washed for about 250 hours using more than a hundred cleaning agents.

Advantages and disadvantages


Harmlessness. This advantage can safely be called the most important, since this method of cleaning the interior of the car does not involve the use of chemicals. This is especially important for people with allergies and small children. Efficiency. Steam cleaning of the internal parts of the cabin perfectly copes with complex contaminants. As a result of cleaning, dust, unpleasant odors and pet hair are also eliminated. Disinfecting. Steam cleaning can be used not only for the removal of dirt, but also for the removal of various microbes. Versatility. This method of cleaning in the car is suitable for different interior surfaces (plastic, textiles, leather, wood, velvet, etc.).


Additional vacuuming. After steam treatment of the interior, the parts must be treated with a vacuum cleaner to remove all residual dirt. High temperature. In some cars, interior parts from exposure to steam may peel off or spoil the appearance (for example: the ceiling may sag, and plastic fade).

Types of contaminants

As you use your car, you may not even notice how badly you’re clogging up the interior. After all, many people take food and various drinks in the car. Children can also get a lot of dirt on the vehicle. All the dirt gets into the hard to reach places and it is almost impossible to get to them.

Thanks to the high temperature of steam, you can eliminate dirt, stains from food, drinks, various bacteria, mold, mites, animal hair. Such treatment easily copes with the smell of smoke, gasoline or other unpleasant odors. During cleaning, it is necessary to disassemble the parts of the car as much as possible, this will allow you to clean hard-to-reach places.

Important: The most difficult stains to clean may be: stains from sweet alcoholic beverages, blood, ketchup, cat urine, or eggs. Odors from dairy products are also difficult to remove.

This method is especially important for disinfecting the ventilation system. If you use an air conditioner, dust settles on all the internal parts of the ventilation system. In cases where moisture gets on it, this mixture becomes a breeding ground for various microorganisms. Only steam can cope with such a problem.


The versatility of cleaning the interior with steam allows you to use this method for all elements of the car. The main thing is to use this service from proven professionals and then your car inside will always be fresh and clean.

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